Chef Bee v. 50 Eggs: It's Getting Nasty Out There

Chef Bee, left, and John Kunkel

While the fight between former Khong River House chef Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, aka Chef Bee, and 50 Eggs CEO John Kunkel has been acrimonious, nasty, bitter and, at times, public and broadcast over Twitter, the litigious end of things has taken somewhat of a humorous tone in the form of Bee’s latest piece of legalese, a motion to dismiss complaint for damages and injunctive relief, written by Bee’s lawyer, Chris S. Carver at downtown Miami law firm Akerman.

In it there are adjectives that some would call worthy of admission into the Oxford dictionary along with twerking – among them: “Kunkeled” whose definition, outlined as a sidenote in the motion, is “To Kunkel is acquiring a hire – liar – fire cache in the Miami restaurant business, as that appears to be 50 Eggs’ pattern with its executive chefs: to hire them, accuse them of lying, and then fire them (or cause them to quit). See, e.g., Romero v. 50 Eggs, Inc., Case No. 13-20939 (11th Jud. Cir., Miami-Dade County, Fla.). None of the original chefs or original equity partners in the 50 Eggs organization has survived; thus, if it is true that “[t]he executive chef is designated
as the ‘face’ of the restaurant,” 50 Eggs has de-faced all of its restaurants. Now, Chef Bee too has been Kunkeled.”
We asked Kunkel his thoughts on this and his lawyer Brian Lerner of Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP contacted us with the following statement.

“Mr. Arreeratn and his attorneys wish to sensationalize this dispute by drafting motions clearly meant for the media and not for a court.  Despite the spin from Mr. Arreeratn and his lawyers, 50 Eggs is not trying to close Oishi Thai or prevent Mr. Arreeratn from working.  50 Eggs has been and continues to ask Mr. Arreeratn to honor the promises that he made.  All that required was to drive six miles up the road to Broward to work at any restaurant of his choosing, stop using 50 Eggs’s properties, and stop soliciting the hard working and talented employees who work for 50 Eggs. It is truly sad that Mr. Arreeratn wishes to make this a circus rather than recognize the promises he previously made.”

Chef Bee vs 50 Eggs