Jose Andres and Michael Schwartz traded dishes from their new restaurants, Bazaar Mar and Fi’lia

Jose Andres of Bazaar Mar and Michael Schwartz of Fi'lia traded dishes. Emily Michot

Put their restaurants next to one another, and both Miamians and out-of-town gourmands will flock here.

Jose Andres and Michael Schwartz are two of the biggest names in fine dining for good reason. And now they opened restaurants separated by a wall in the new SLS Brickell hotel. 

One day last week, the chefs cooked for a party of one: One another. Each prepared one dish from his restaurant to present to his new neighbor, Schwartz from his new Fi’lia and Andres from Bazaar Mar.

“Are we going to have enough people in Miami to come to our restaurants?” Andres asks Schwartz on his way out. “Are you going to bring them? Because everybody knows you.”

“Everybody’s coming,” Schwartz told him.

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