There’s art inside and outside of this Wywnood Brewing beer bottle

There’s artistry in craft beer, and, in one case during Art Basel week, not just on the inside of the bottle.

Artist Lola Blu, known for her melding of geometric and organic black-and-white designs, will be hand-painting the first 12 of 150 bottles of a special Wywnood Brewing beer at an event Sunday afternoon. She will be painting at the Lulu Laboratorium gallery from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

It’s two pieces of art in one. Wynwood Brewing has not until now bottled its Belgian strong ale Father Francisco, which is aged in bourbon barrels for a spicy, fruita aroma with a light body. The bottles will be sold early next year for $35 each.

And it’s also interactive art in two ways: Not only can you drink Wynwood Brewing’s creation, but Lola Blu encourages her fans to add color to her work. She recently contributed to “The Wynwood Coloring Book,” which was created by several Miami-based artists.

“When I first walked into Wynwood Brewing, I was overwhelmed by this wonderful feeling. I wanted to re-create that happy moment for others, which is why I encourage people to use a marker and color within my artwork,” Blu wrote in a statement.