Are these the best chicken wings in Wynwood? The Hungry Black man says so

The Hungry Black Man thinks Beaker & Gray's might be the best wings in Wynwood.Korey Davis

I thought Beaker & Gray would be yet another hipster, pretentious, overpriced spot in Wynwood. How wrong I was!

Who knew a Wynwood eatery would have some of the best chicken wings in the area? And how should one react when sampling their new saucy, delectable chicken wings ($12)? For starters, your hands will become a sponge for the unique and addictive house-made sauce with brown sugar, sesame, salt ‘n’ vinegar and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The combination of flavors leaves your mind trying to not go into a culinary coma while attempting to catch up with each evolving flavor swinging rapidly from one extreme to another.

Beaker & Gray’s croquetas are a unique take on the fried treats. (Korey Davis)

The culinary elation continued with an order of Cheeseburger Croquettes ($9) made with premium wagyu beef, aji amarillo, and yukon gold potatoes. Who the hell does this chef think he is making something this damn delicious? Each bite of the large rounded fried croquettes had my knees shaking as I attempted to go live on Facebook. I even teared up a little bit from the tangy sauce at the bottom of the plate. The fried balls are filled with unforgettable flavor that will have you day dreaming and longing for it long after leaving the restaurant.

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Beaker & Gray

2637 N Miami Ave, Miami