World party: Boteco

Boteco owner Angelo Angiollieri, an Italian from Genoa, fell in love with all things Brazilian when he visited and lived there for ten years. Now, he’s bringing a bit of this feel to Miami and, in turn, greeting the local Miami Brazilians with a true taste of home.

Boteco is tucked away on (very slowly) up-and-coming 79th Street, just east of Biscayne Boulevard, a cozy indoor-outdoor space where patrons enjoy sitting at the bar or dark wooden tables enjoying the taste of Brazilian Cacacha.

“We’ve only been here for about eight months,” Angiollieri said. “But, in this time a lot of Brazilians have come out: people talk, the word gets out and they come by.”

Boteco’s style is as Brazilian as Bahia on a hot afternoon, with sunlight streaming in, sound of water across the sand and a small but potent caipirihna in your hand. The locale also celebrates its roots a little differently than most other Miami global parties: it actually offers typical Brazilian meals, like feijoadas on Saturday from 1-6 p.m. The food and drinks make the festivities feel like your loudest, most rambunctious family gathering.

Boteco’s open from 5 p.m. until 1 or 2 a.m., and they feature a distinctive event every night. Whether it’s live music or a free samba class on Monday evening, you’ll have green and yellow swimming through your bloodstream in no time. Stay tuned for the rebirth of the venue’s back patio, which will have hammocks alongside a second bar with the rhythm and vibes of Carnival music bouncing in your ears. And, if you feel so inclined, join the mercado mix at the end of every month for crafts, drinks and the occasional drum circle.

Muito obrigado Boteco!

Boteco, 916 NE 79th St., Miami; 305-757-7735