Wilhelmina Models host LIV

Miami Swim Week continues at LIV nightclub in the Fontainebleau on South Beach as Wilhelmina Models take over to host one the most talked about Saturday night parties around. Tonight some of the sexiest models to rock the runways will be in attendance as DJ Mitch LJ and DJ Ruen tear up the speakers with the best in electro, house, and disco sounds.

Tonight the party is going to be really crazy with plenty of Miami socials, budding fashionistas, designers, celebrities, and an abundance of fashion industry professionals. Dress to impress- this is not your average party; it’s no secret the doorman are highly selective when it comes to the door and tonight they’re being even more nitpicky to make sure only the finest make it past the velvet ropes to party with Wilhelmina’s beautiful models.

With Mitch LJ and DJ Ruen on the turntables the place will be on fire, the people will be on their toes dancing the whole night without a care in the world. The lighting, the sound system, the staff; this is an A-List venue that has become one of the best clubs not in only in Florida, but across the US. Miami Swim Week is fully underway and the non-stop fashion filled weekend continues tonight at LIV. Doors open at 11pm, make sure to get there early to stay ahead of the crowd. Tonight, spend the night with Wilhelmina models at LIV.