We asked some of Miami’s top bartenders for their go-to hangover cures. The responses are all over the place.

Thomas Merolla, head bartender at Purdy Lounge, has created a couple of specialty drinks in honor of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Miami is a party city, and if you want to hang with the cool kids you have to be able to power through any kind of hangover. From combating champagne’s signature blinding headache to getting through that everything-hurts physical hell that comes from pounding too many mojitos, Miami’s head chefs, bartenders and beverage directors share their go-to solutions for getting well so you can keep on getting turnt. 

1. Richard Plasencia, Twisted Fork

“Hangover cures are for people that don’t have to get up early and be around the smell of food all day. Ain’t nobody got time for that, so here’s my foolproof remedy. Drop some bacon in a frying pan, and let it cook down. Grab some bourbon, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Add a bit of all three to the bacon pan and continue cooking. Quantities don’t really matter because you honestly don’t care at this point. Take a sip of bourbon to steady your hand, now go to the fridge and take out a vitamin B12 shot. Take the aforementioned B12 shot and, with your steadiest hand, jam it into your back side and wait 30 seconds. The hangover is gone. Now eat your candied bacon and get to work before the chef fires your ass.

Yes, this cure works, I learned it in the Navy.”

2. Ben Potts, Beaker & Gray

“First I set my alarm one hour before I have to be awake. I immediately drink one liter of water and take eight Advil. I go back to sleep for 30 minutes and set my alarm again. When I wake up I take one to two 5-Hour Energy drinks, put my running shoes on and head out the door. I run at least a mile, usually two, though, and go back home for a shower. After I’ve dried off, I’m hydrated, pain-free, and full of energy. Has literally never failed.”

3. Seth Weinberg, Stripsteak and Pizza & Burger

“Hangover remedies are regional. After living in many different areas of the country, I can truly say Miami has great hangover fighting weapons, usually within a stone’s throw. I recommend starting with a good pale ale beer. This provides refreshing alcohol, sodium and bitterness to help settle the stomach and build an appetite.

Then, walk to a nearby Cuban cafe. A little Miami sunshine and fresh air gets rid of the zombie effect quickly. While there, enjoy one beef and one spinach empanada, with a few dashes of hot sauce. This provides the perfect amount of food from all major food groups.  Wash it down a Cuban Colada style coffee for a final jolt.

P.S. As a backup plan for extra strength hangovers, keep a bottle or two of Underberg handy.  It is a German bitter digestif that is sold in individual portion size bottles. They can be kept in your pocket or purse, and travel well on airplanes. If anyone raises an eyebrow, simply state that you are drinking them ‘for medicinal purposes’ since they have been used that way since 1846.”

4. Mikey Yoder, Head Bartender at Komodo

“Three Aleve and a bottle of water before you go to sleep, and a beer in the morning first thing after your eyes open! I had a friend who swore by this for years. I was skeptical because I was always under the impression that only time truly cures a hangover; however, I tried it once and realized there was truth in the method!”

5. Oleksander Petriuk, Bartender at Gianni’s at The Villa Casa Casuarina

“In my experience, the best hangover cure is sleep and physical activity. One the most popular means of detoxification is sleep. I find small physical activities and outdoor exercise helpful as well. Some people can even use the ancient Slavic recipe which is basically an infusion of hops and mint. I highly recommend mixing even parts of hops and mint and then combining a tablespoon of this mixture into a glass of boiling water and letting sit for one hour before drinking. You just have to choose which one works for you. Good luck with your fight!”

6. Thomas Merolla, Head Bartender at Purdy Lounge

“We all know the feeling of waking up with that dreaded pounding headache – the one where it feels like a leprechaun is using my head as a trampoline – so to combat a hangover I religiously do the following: first, I drink as much water as I can, take four ibuprofen, a multivitamin, and I go right back to sleep for about an hour. Second, when I wake back up, I make sure to combat the next issue: my stomach. I order in tons of greasy, filling Chinese food and also make sure to drink a nice, cold Coca Cola – this is the only time I drink it! Finally, I make sure to continue drinking water throughout the day, and I stay in and recover with a Netflix night.”

7. Joel Mesa, Bartender and Mixologist at Bulla Gastrobar and Pisco y Nazca

“If my body is lacking equilibrium the morning after drinking, the best thing to do is sweat it out by getting any kind of exercise in. If you’re still not feeling your best, I suggest two Advils, sunglasses and a Gatorade. That should do it.”

8. Zarko Stankovik, Beverage Director at Juvia and Sushi Garage

“My approach to cure hangover is a little bit geekier, I take Berocca tablets in combination with Selenium. Berocca has been known for decades in Australia to be the best hangover cure. Berocca tablets will help reduce the inflammation of the body and Selenium is known antioxidant to prevent brain inflammation (swelling pain that causes a headache). Of course drinking a lot of water is a must to help the process.”

9. Ryan Egozi, SuViche

“Cold, spicy food and drinks are the way to go for curing hangovers – at least in Latin America! I recommend the SuVichelada (our take on a Michelada, which includes spicy aji Amarillo sauce) or a Rocoto Ceviche – the rocoto peppers make it super spicy.”

10. Sergiy Borysov, EAST Miami

“In Ukraine, we marinade cucumbers or tomatoes with salt, sugar, garlic, mustard seeds, black paper, dill and vinegar essence. In the morning when you have a hang over, you drink a glass of this brine and you are good as new! The spicier and saltier the better.”

11. Santiago Gomez, Executive Chef at Cantina La Veinte

“Before you sleep, drink a glass of water with two aspirins. When you wake up, drink a nice cold Michelada and eat some spicy chilaquiles – now you’re ready for the next party!”