Get ready for a night of complete mayhem tonight as one of the hottest clubs on South Beach gets even better, if that’s even possible. Tonight Louis Bar-Lounge at the Gansevoort Hotel will premiere its new weekly party “The Sub Pop Collective”. This isn’t your typical high end, snooty, house music event, Louis has re-invented the social scene with a party that can only be described as a “Dance society for organized chaos”.

Let the freaks come out; the dress code is as playful as you want to be. Come as you are or get creative with a mask, whatever your pleasure it’s all good at the Sub Pop Collective. The new night at Louis is like an adventure straight out of a child’s fairytale with elaborate décor and whimsical props and settings such as the DJ booth. Ordinarily the DJ takes center stage in the front room at Louis, but at this new party DJ Louis Dee is taking over the back room and will be spinning from inside of an egg; seriously I’m not even kidding.  

If you’re tired of the ordinary get to Louis and submerse yourself in the extraordinary world of the Sub Pop Collective. It all starts tonight, don’t miss the premier of this exciting new party that will make going out on Thursdays a definite must.  See you there!