How to get a taste of this top South Beach hot spot without the line

The bar

The Lounge at Byblos

The Vibe

Whereas the restaurant proper is open and painted in eclectic shades of blue, sand and coral, stepping into The Lounge at Byblos is like stepping into a jewel box. The walls are hung with plush aubergine velvet. The lighting is warm, and gives everything a gilded, opulent glow. The bar is a dazzling focal point framed by a massive mirror and designed to resemble the sun setting into the ocean. 

Something to sip

If the thought of beets in your cocktails scares you, the Ottoman Cartel ($15) is designed to change your mind. Made with Barberry spiced syrup, Avion Silver tequila, carbonated beet juice and lime juice, the deep purple creation is a blend of smoke, spice and sweetness.  

ottoman cartel

Ottoman Cartel

Other sips

For traditionalists, there is Byblos’ take on the Old Fashioned, which features house-blended Turkish bitters and orange oil. For those looking for something soft and sweet there is the Nightingale Sour, made with Absolut Apeach, Lillet Blanc, Galliano, lemon and egg white, and the Sultan’s Privelege, made with Johnny Walker Black, Cynar, Orgeat and fresh lemn juice. The Gulab features rose-infused Absolute Elyx, pomegranate syrup, fresh lemon and rose water

nightingale sour and old fashioned

Nightingale Sour & Byblos Old Fashioned

Sultan's Privelege

Sultan’s Privelege



Something to savor

Byblos’ full menu can be found in the lounge. Among the restaurant’s notable items are the Lamb Ribs ($18) and the Black Truffle Pide ($24). The main courses include the Yogurt Baked Fluke ($32) with a side of roasted brussel sprouts ($12) and the Mejadra rice ($19). There are sweet finishes, as well, such as the Loukoumades, similar to tiny donut balls and served with Attiki honey, burnt honey ice cream, walnut praline and halva ($13). 

lamb ribs

Lamb Ribs

black truffle pide

Black Truffle Pide


Yogurt Baked Fluke

roasted brusselsprouts

Roasted Brussel Sprouts



The deal

Drinks at Byblos and The Lounge are all $15. The beverage program is designed by Cocktail Cartel, a hospitality consultation group that has been revamping drinks menus throughout South Florida. The Lounge at Byblos is open the same hours as the restuarant. 

The rest

Byblos and The Lounge at Byblos, 1545 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

The recipe

Ottoman Cartel

3/4 ounces of Barberry spiced syrup

1 1/2 ounces of Avion Silver tequila

2 ounces of carbonated beet juice

3/4 ounces of lime juice

Combine the ingredients, shake, and strain into a tall glass with ice. Garnish with an edible flower if you want to get fancy.