Go Drink This: Black Truffle Martini


The drink: “Black Truffle Martini” by Henry Villar

The price: $14

The story: Truffle hunters, look no further! It’s time to head to Café Prima Pasta in North Beach to get a taste of the treasured Italian fungus that’s having the best season ever thanks to a dreadfully wet summer in northern Italy. The white variety from Alba, featured in this cocktail, is foraged every fall from the roots of oak trees in the Piedmont region and, this year, about two pounds of the delicacy will fetch more than $2,500. Watch resident bartender Henry Villa muddle the rare white truffles into Black Moth Vodka, a black truffle-infused vodka made with Périgord truffles from France. Next, he strains the decadent base into a shaker before mixing with house-made pear nectar and pear brandy. To add more depth, he lines the cocktail glass with unmistakable black truffle shavings, the more common of the culinary indulgence. Needless to say, this drink is only available for a limited time.          

Where to find it: Café Prima Pasta, 414 71st St., Miami Beach.