DJ Ruen

DJ Ruen (a.k.a. Brandon Pendleton) has one very simple goal – turn the Miami DJ scene on its head. We recently caught up with the rising young star to talk about his passion for new disco music, spinning at parties in Brazil, and his mix tape dreams.

Explain the name and how you got started.
I got started in 1997 when I started going to underground parties and raves. I’ve always been into music but those parties pushed me into DJ-ing. The name is simple but it makes sense. Ruen means to annihilate – I destroy the clubs with my music.
How are you different from all of the other DJ’s on the scene in Miami?
A lot of DJ’s in Miami are good at hip-hop but not a lot of other stuff. I’m really well rounded and spin hip hop, rock, new disco and house. Yes, a lot of DJ’s spin that kind of music, but not a lot of people can skillfully do it and get away with it. I read the crowd – and that’s important because Miami is so diverse with lots of different people coming out every night.
What are you listening to right now?
I like a wide variety of stuff. I’m into new disco, which is becoming more popular – it’s like indie dance music. The Thursday party at the Delano is where everyone comes for that element, not many places play new disco. I love hip hop too, that’s where I got my start. And I also like up-tempo house as well, which is what I play at places like Coco Deville and LIV.
What’s your favorite place in Miami to spin?
While I like to play in big rooms, I normally prefer smaller rooms where I can get away with playing a more collective set. Check me out on Facebook and Twitter ( – I update where I’m going to be playing every night.
Where are you heading professionally?
Ryan Evans and I have been putting out a lot of remixes lately. I’m working on a lot of remixes and a solid mix tape to be released by the end of the year. I’ve been playing a lot in Brazil and have a bimonthly residency in Sao Paulo which has been fun.
Catch DJ Ruen on Thursdays at the Delano, 1685 Collins Ave, Miami Beach; 305-672-2000. Visit his website at

Live from Coco Deville (10/16/10) by RUEN music