Cover Model Sarah Mutch to host LIV

This week celebrate with one of the most influential Miami lifestyle magazines in the Florida as Ocean Drive takes over LIV nightclub. Cover model Sarah Mutch will host the May/June Issue Release Party while DJ Kiss aka KisstheDeeJay gets funky on the turntables. What better place to celebrate such an elite magazine then in one of the hottest clubs on South Beach? It’s going to be a grand event; you can expect all the fashionistas to be out in full force showing off their style.

Ocean Drive and LIV nightclub invite you all to be a part of this highly fashionable social event where the Who’s Who of South Florida are sure to be found. I have to say Friday nights at LIV are always special, the vibe is great, the energy is magical, and the crowd is amazing. Experience a mix of open format that combines the best electro, house, and hip hop that will keep you singing out loud while you dance to every beat. At LIV you can find yourself rubbing elbows with some of today’s hottest young celebrities and dancing to a hip, new DJ every week to keep the party alive and fresh.

DJ Kiss is the perfect choice for the Ocean Drive release party, she’s young, she’s sexy, and has fabulous style. Don’t expect to catch her in jeans and a T-shirt behind the decks, she’s a foxy one and I can assure she’ll be rocking a fierce ensemble from head to toe. When she’s not tearing it up on the turntables, you can catch her on the runway, or on the screen; she’s an actress, a model, a DJ; she’s got it all a definite triple threat. Cover Model Sarah Mutch and DJ Kiss; now that’s a good night!