Cedric Gervais

Miami party veterans surely know the name Cedric Gervais from his residencies at Space and Mynt. The native Frenchman moved here in 1997 and made his mark spinning sexy house with a European vibe. Catch him during the Winter Music Conference, breaking out new tracks from his album “Miamication.”
What’s happening for you during WMC?
I’ve got my yearly party Thursday night at Mynt, which I’ve been doing for like four years now, and it’s a great vibe because you have all these DJs there like Sharam there to kick off their week before they go on with their shows. And Thursday morning I’m doing the Space Terrace with Pete Tong, and Monday morning I do a closing party for my label at Space. I do that every year.
How many WMCs have you been to, and what are some of your fondest memories?
I’ve lived here 13 years now, and I think I’ve been to every single Conference. The best Conference for me was the first year Space opened – the old Space – at the Danny Tenaglia party. That was an unbelievable party – I was there for like 10 hours, and left that place at probably 6 in the afternoon the next day. It was ridiculous.
There was nothing like the old Space, right?
Oh yeah, the old Space was amazing. And I was there when Danny started playing the first record and I probably left when he finished at 6 the next day. It was unbelievable, because you had everyone who’s someone in the industry and any DJ who’s someone there, on the dance floor looking at this guy.
How would you describe your sound?
It’s sexy house with a lot of vocals, with a little bit of techno in it.
Where do you play regularly in Miami?
It’s not weekly anymore because I travel a lot, but I do Space probably every two months and I do Mynt every three months.
What influenced you to get into DJing in the first place?
I was in the South of France – my father owns a bunch of nightclubs, and the electronic movement in France was really strong. That’s when Daft Punk was there and all those big acts started, so I got into it and started DJing at my father’s clubs.
Tell us about your new artist album, “Miamication.”
“Miamication” is ready to go, and I got amazing artists on it, like Mya – I got two songs with her. I also got Rachel Star, Second Sun – it’s an amazing project and we’re about to drop it at the Music Conference. Everything is ready to go.
What does the title mean to you?
“Miamication”? It’s just that everywhere I go, people are like, “That’s the guy from Miami,” “That’s Cedric from Miami, representing the sound of Miami,” so I wanted to call it something with Miami. So everywhere I go I can turn the party into Miami.