Bitter Truth heads to Miami Beach. But good luck finding it.

Miami has its fair share of “speakeasy” bars, but Miami’s top bartenders Teddy Collins, Sarah Porter, Bryan Canales and Ryan Alfrey are taking the concept a step further.  At 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13th they take their Midtown neighborhood bar concept on a walkabout to Sunset Harbor for a limited time.

The catch? You have to find it.

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An old traffic signal is the only hint that you’ve made it to the right place. A green flashing light means libations are flowing inside. Once you’ve made it, you can enjoy some of the craftiest cocktails in town paired with old-school hip-hop and live local musicians.

“Bitter Truth Sobe brings you the same artistic yet mature vibe with high quality, innovative cocktails that you have come to expect, in an intimate 2nd-floor hideaway setting,” said Co-Owner Sarah Porter. “Our little back door entrance will make it a little harder for our regulars to find us, but judging from the response so far, it seems like people are down for the challenge. I guess our drinks must be just that good!”

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“My goal with Bitter Truth will be to ensure everyone leaves wanting to come back simply to say ‘Hi’ and have a drink,” said Teddy Collins. “We want to be locally friendly.”