Band of the hour: Article 66

The boys of Article 66

In a city where salsa and pop music reign supreme, the guys of Article 66 has carved a pretty sweet niche for themselves. This local band, signed to indie label Pinnibus Headibbus Records, proves that Miami knows how to rock. The four-piece outfit morphed over six years and multiple band mate changes to reach its current roster, but no one can do it better than these four. With Tony “T-Bone” Thomas on guitar and vocals, Michael Luca on bass, Leo Codias on drums and DJ JAM on the turntables, Article 66 is finally complete.

The band’s influences are eclectic: Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay Z, Megadeth and Jimi Hendrix. Says Tomas, “My core influences are blues and classic rock, Leo’s is hard rock/metal, DJ JAM’s is hip-hop and Luca’s is funk. DJ JAM brought the hip-hop/rap element to the band and he really opened up a world of possibilities for us.” Making music for this group means breaking all the rules; their main goal is to create fresh sounds with an edgy twist. He continued, “When you combine all of that, it makes for a unique sound that sets us apart from the rest of the pack.”

Songs like the remorseful “Goodbye” and the energy-charged “Machines” showcase this group’s penchant for striking a chord with their audience on many different levels. “Every one of our songs is about an emotion/state of mind that everyone can identify with. Frustration, love, hate, rebellion, existentialism, lust, happiness, sadness, feelings of loss, sophomoric stupidity, it’s all there,” explains Tomas.

With their first album set for debut June 7th, the band is excited to share the culmination of many years of blood, sweat, tears and hard work with their fans. “I believe that it will really be just the beginning for us,” says Tomas. “We’ve got a lot of music that has yet to be recorded and even more that has yet to be written, so you will definitely be hearing from Article 66 in the years to come.”

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Published: 6/08