5 Things You Didn’t Know About Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull

As Miami’s two reigning kings of pop, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, bring their massive selling tour to South Florida this weekend (with up-and-comer J Balvin opening), we offer some little known details about their past. And invite you to think about what this means for two of the most influential artists, not just from Miami, but in pop music


  • One of his alternative, very early nicknames was “The Blue-Eyed Dog.”


  • His drug-dealing Cuban émigré father used to take his young son to Little Havana bars and stand him up on a barstool to recite Jose Marti poems. Pitbull is still an admirer of the father of Cuban independence.


  • His first musical patron was Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell.


  • He had his mother’s initials and the letters D.I.M., for “Do It for Mom,” tattooed on his left wrist.


  • He started out selling his CD’s on the streets of Miami.

Enrique Iglesias:

  • He dedicated his self-titled first album, in 1995, to his nanny Elvira Olivares “the person who has dedicated the most time to me in life.” Olivares raised Enrique and his two older siblings on Indian Creek Island while their superstar dad Julio Iglesias toured the world.


  • He speaks English with a Miami accent, Spanish with a Castillian lisp.


  • He loves Elvis Presley.


  • Iglesias wrote Bailando, his current hit, with Cuban artist and frequent songwriting partner Descemer Bueno, who recorded and released it in Cuba with island reggaeton duo Gente de Zona. When the song became a hit in Cuba, Iglesias added his voice and released it stateside. Segments of the massively popular video (half a billion hits on youtube) were also filmed in Havana.


  • A female fan once made it to his backyard by swimming there through Biscayne Bay.