Wynwood is getting its first vinyl record store. Thank the guys behind your favorite taco shop.

Vinyl collectors, listen up: A boutique record store is opening up in Wynwood this fall and its name is Lucky Records.

Yep, once an endangered beast, the art-swathed neighborhood will be home to a brand spankin’ new shop for disc-shaped lovers (#nostalgia). BONUS: LUCKY Records will harbor a convenience store, too, because… Red Bull is life.

The brainchild of COYO TACO cofounders Alan Drummond and Sven Vogtland, in partnership with Gabi Chiriboga, the trio promise a smorgasbord of classic records, exclusive releases, and all around good vibes, in the heart of Wynwood.

Will the people of Wynwood be waiting in line for vinyl and beef jerky at LUCKY they way they line up at COYO Taco? Prolly.

Slated to open mid-October, LUCKY Records will offer a music lineup curated exclusively by Tony Garcia (aka DJ YNOT) and founder of Nature Sounds record label, Devin Horwitz. Audiophiles can expect a mix of new releases and vintage records — with tunes ranging from old-school favorites to present-day beats. And for those of you looking for gear, turntables, headphones and DJ equipment will be on sale, too.

The too-cool-for-school factor? LUCKY Records will also be Wynwood’s first convenience store, offering essentials like bottled water, cigarettes, lottery tickets, assorted ethnic food, candy and more.

“Working in the neighborhood, we realized Wynwood desperately needed a convenience store,” Vogtland says. He adds, “So we decided to open one with a little bit of an Asian flare to complement Wynwood’s diverse aesthetic. It’s an exciting new venture to take on, and we look forward to watching it evolve into something bigger for our Wynwood community – stay tuned.”

Rock on.

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