Which celebrities made Santa’s Naughty List? Here’s our Top 10.

She sure doesn't look sad here. Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for E11EVEN

Celebrities: They’re just like us.

Hold up. No, they’re not.

The’re rich, famous and wouldn’t think of flying coach. But if they behave badly, they are called out in the most public forum ever: the Internet. Eesh. Still, it must be nice to have that much bank around the holidays.

Which got us to thinking, who’s going to be on Santa’s nice and naughty lists this year?

Forget nice. No one wants to hear about the goodie goodies.  This compilation is for the troll in all of us. So let’s concentrate on who’s been naughty. There were too many to choose from, so we narrowed it down in our Top 10.

City Girls


The City Girls’ music blew up, but one of them is dealing with some serious legal issues

Jatavia Johnson should be out there on stage with her City Girls partner Caresha Brownlee, but instead the rapper (aka JT) is sitting in jail on credit card fraud charges. We are impressed that Brownlee (aka Yung Miami) is doing a bang-up job as a solo act and upstanding citizen, using her own credit cards to make purchases and not scamming the system. 🙂

Cardi B

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for E11EVEN

Cardi B misses a court date to do “Twerk video”

We get it. Ya gotta work. But when you’re dealing with criminal matters, it may be better to get yourself in see the judge. Cardi  instead chose to gyrate in the ocean off South Beach.

Bhad Bhabie

Miamicom file

Bhad Bhabie attacked Iggy Azalea for no valid reason

When the reason you rose to fame is the fact that you threatened violence on “Dr. Phil,” you may want to assess your life choices. The Boynton Beach teen formerly known as the “Cash Me Outside” Girl is now a self proclaimed recording artist who thinks enough of herself to spar with Iggy Azalea on Twitter and then throw water on the pop star in a public venue. Time to apply to college.

Danny Amendola


Olivia Culpo splits with Dolphins player after pics of him cheating surface online

There are dirty dogs. Then there’s Danny Amendola, who let a lovely lady like Olivia Culpo slip away by carousing with a rando sports reporter.  Tip: If you’re going to cheat, don’t do it in your hometown.

Kanye West

Kanye West is causing all kinds of problems on Twitter and needs his phone taken away

We realize Kanye West is talented (though we would not call him a “genius person” as wife Kim Kardashian does), but he’s really gotta lay off Twitter. He’s not as bad as our president with the ranting, but he’s close. West’s latest: sparring with not only Drake but also Boca Raton’s Ariana Grande. His only redemption is all the good publicity he gave to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden when he camped out there for hours on end last week.



‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ star Khaotic305 is a terrible driver, but has other talents, at least

“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” made Khaotic305 a reality star, but that didn’t keep the rapper from behaving badly. Over the summer, he was arrested in a hit and run incident; the singer, born Rubin McFadden, reportedly blew through several red lights and ran his Chrysler 300 into another car, injuring the driver and passenger. At least Khaotic’s a good videographer. His video of women brawling in South Beach went viral.



Maluma was too sexy for his own good

Maluma managed to lose a few followers after posting an Instagram photo looking as if he were in the middle of an orgy. It was a shot from his video  for the song ironically (or not) titled, “Mala Mia” (My Bad). One commenter summed it up: “What a filthy photo, you think you’re the center of the universe and that women are your slaves. Very sexist.”


The only thing assured in life are death and taxes. Got it, Shakira?

Shakira better keep those hips moving. The Colombiana, who is selling a home in Miami, got a huge tax bill for Christmas.  The Spanish government singer charged the singer with tax evasion, alleging she listed the Bahamas as her official residence while living in Spain. Anyone have around $16 million or so lying around to help her out?


Thalia did a really dangerous version of the Keke Challenge and it wasn’t cool 

If you are a regular person engaging in a death defying act and posting footage of it on the World Wide Web, that’s your prerogative. But if you’re famous like Thalia, you might want to think twice. The pop star did the Keke Challenge outside a rolling vehicle driven by her husband Tommy Mottola. Police around the country were forced to issue warnings saying the act could lead to a reckless endangerment charge. Naughty.

Kodak Black

Getty Images

If you’re doing something illegal, it’s best not to put a live feed of it on the Internet

Just a tip: When you are smoking illegal substances and have a gun out in front of a child, don’t post a LIVE INSTAGRAM FEED  of your activities. The troubled Miami rapper served seven months behind bars on such charges as grand theft of a firearm, marijuana possession and child neglect. But the 21- year-old gets points for earning his GED behind bars.