What’s the reason Thalia just got in trouble with NYC police? It’s kind of embarrassing

Thalia had a little run-in with the fine officers of the NYPD earlier this week, TV y Novelas reported.

The Mexican pop star got pulled over for speeding Tuesday afternoon while traveling to a fan event to promote her latest album, “Valiente.”

The “No Me Acuerdo” singer owned it, though.

The 47-year-old posted three videos to her Instagram story, basically a blow by blow of what went down so her followers would know why she was late to the appearance.

“Wow, the cops stopped us because we were going a bit too fast,” Thalia said in one clip. (How someone goes fast in so much traffic is beyond us, but hey…)

The singer feigned nervousness, biting her nails. Then when cops sent her on her way, she said, “It’s all good.”

It’s unclear if T was ticketed, but we think the former Miami resident can afford it.

What is up with Thalia and cars, anyway? She got heat over the summer when she decided to do the Kiki Challenge outside a moving vehicle, a Rolls that her hubby Tommy Mottola was driving. Sigh.