What do Wawa cheesesteaks have that Publix subs don’t? Something really gross

Does your Publix chicken tender sub wriggle like this? We didn't think so.YouTube

We tried to warn you, Wawa fans. But you didn’t listen.

And now your cheesesteaks are apparently writhing when people try to eat them.

A gentleman in New Jersey claims that he bought a buffalo chicken cheesesteak at Wawa. He took a few bites, then noticed the wrapper was moving.

He showed it to his mom, who whipped out her phone and took a video. Brace yourself here, because this is really disgusting: the video showed squirming maggots. Or something that closely resembled squirming maggots.

“She got out her camera and started recording while I went to the bathroom and starting throwing up,” Chris Garcia told the Trentonian. “This is something you don’t expect to happen in real life. You see this in movies all the time. But you don’t actually expect to come home, sit down and eat your meal and find something like this.”

Wawa – you know, that place fans told us had the best sandwiches ever in the history of gas station sandwiches – said it conducted a “robust investigation” and doubted the incident ever happened. Even if it didn’t,  we still like our Cuban sandwiches better.

If it did happen, how come the maggots didn’t drown in that fake ass cheese?

“We believe the circumstances described in the video are highly unlikely, if not impossible to occur in our store environment,” Wawa said in a statement. “As everyone who really knows Wawa understands, including those outraged by the publishing of this unverified video, we do everything we can to make sure that our customer experience is nothing but positive, healthy and fresh, every day.”

This isn’t the first time we threw shade at Wawa.

We don’t know if it happened or not. We’re here in Miami, not in New Jersey. We are good with that, despite tripping over massive piles of  hurricane debris every time we step outside. We know many South Floridians, all of them originally from cities north of the Arctic tundra and many of whom still root for the Philadelphia Eagles, lost their minds when Wawa opened in Broward earlier this year.

Those same people are also excited about Wawa coming to Miami-Dade County (the first is due to pop up in North Miami Beach, according to Next Miami). 

But us? We can wait. Like forever. Say what you will about our beloved Publix subs, they generally stay still when we eat them.