VIDEO: Would you buy one of Walter Mercado’s capes? Take a tour of his estate for sale in Miami.

Walter Mercado predicts what will happen in the world for 2019. Ramon Feliciano for Astromundo, Inc.



For years, he told us the secrets hidden in the stars. Now you can know what secrets Walter Mercado’s downtown Miami condo holds.

The famous astrologer is selling all of his belongings, according to, and moving to New York. 

“Fabulous contents to be sold for a fraction of their cost,” says the listing. Items up for grabs include this decorative, um, elephant Buddha thing. 

Also, this cool statue:

Other works of art, furniture and general ornate odds and ends that you would expect to be in Walter Mercado’s crib are all up for grabs. 

To make an appointment, the listing says to call Tina at 305-710-5697. 

The listing also says you break, you buy and all sales are final. But why would you ever want to return this: 

But if you really want to get a piece of Walter, his unit at The Grand is also for sale. He’s asking a cool $500k for the unit.