You can burn up to 700 calories at an Aqua Cycling class. That’s, like, half a donut.

Aqua cycling — also known as a spinning class taking place in the water — is now a thing, folks. Come June 15, 2017, Miami will be home to Element Aqua where locals and visitors alike can spin their way to sexy (participants can burn up to 700 calories per class!) while simultaneously taking a dip in a cool pool. 

So how does it work, you ask? Well, take a gander at the MiMo District based studio here…

As you can see, stationary bikes are plopped in a pool (with water up to the waist) and students pedal against the water’s resistance. Each group workout is a 45-minute class ($25 for first timers, and $39 each for drop-ins) and students can book in advance online here. As for the dress code, all participants need to wear is a swimsuit and the required aquatic shoes which are available in the studio. Element Aqua will offer a variety of classes including Aqua Circuit, Aqua Power, Aqua Zen and even Pre-Natal classes for mamas-to-be. 

Compliments of constant resistance, aqua cycling offers a total body sweat sesh. As you pedal, your body reaps all the benefits of underwater exercise: Increased blood flow, low joint impact (read: it’s very gentle on the bod), improved cardiovascular endurance and cellulite burning, and no day-after soreness. #Winning

Element Aqua Owner Chiara De Luca says, “Aqua cycling is a high intensity cardio workout that helps establish and maintain long-lasting endurance with minimal impact on the joints. Each session promotes flexibility and coordination, while the water reduces muscle soreness and enhances the blood flow.” She adds, “Another thing that makes aqua cycling so unique is that everyone can participate. Men and women of all age groups and all fitness levels are able to take part. The restorative power of water also makes it beneficial for injured or recovering athletes.”

Already a solid workout trend in Europe (it’s huuuuge in France, Italy and Spain), Element Aqua is a South Florida first.

“After a few sessions, you will see tangible results such as a slimmer waist, leaner muscles, reduced appearance of cellulite from the water, a better cardio endurance as well as increased blood circulation. You will also experience reduced stress and better sleep,” De Luca says.

State-of-the-art spin class area aside, the contemporary studio boasts a well-appointed area outfitted with showers, bathroom and lockers so riders can spin, wash and go.


Element Aqua, 6200 NE 4th Court, Miami; (305) 570-5569;