Tilda Swinton gets an Art Basel manicure

Photo by Chris Mosier

Like nails? So does Dzine. The one named Chicago based artist converted a room in The Standard Hotel to replicate his living room growing up, where his beautician mother would take nail appointments. He felt a real sense of community in her bootleg hair salon. Previously staged at Salon 94 and the New Museum in New York, the exhibit, “Imperial Nails” features Dzine’s personal artifacts and furnishings. Manicurists of varied backgrounds under the direction of the artist set up shop within the installation, crafting original pieces of art directly on participant’s fingertips. After Art Basel, from December 10–18, Imperial Nails will be open to the public on Saturday and Sundays from 11 am–6 pm at the Standard. Tilda Swinton joined in on the fun, getting her fingers embellished by his team during the event, officially called Imperial Nails Presented by Perrier at The Standard Spa. Dzine says he celebrates the individuality and multiplicity of cultures that use nail design to flaunt creativity and identity. Perrier also threw a party for electropop star Moby at Bardot Lounge, where he did an intimate performance Friday night. Feeding off the excitement and energy of the crowd, Moby went off script with impromptu renditions of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” and played some of his most popular hits including, “Southside” and “Why Does My Heart”. The private gathering featured sparkly cocktails made with the French mineral water.