This scary trailer for a summer shark movie is making us rethink going to the beach. No, really.

The Meg posterWarner Bros


Forget everything you know about “Jaws.”

Steven Spielberg’s classic horror movie about a rogue white shark was frickin’ child’s play.

Summer 2018 is all about “The Meg,” short for megalodon. You might not know what that means, thankfully, because this undersea monster is extinct. It’s based on the 1997 book, “Meg,” by South Florida writer Steve Alten.

The writer said in an interview earlier this year that the the film has “the best special effects in the business, a $150 million budget, a great script, [and] an international cast of top stars.”

According to scientific people, this mega shark  lived literally millions and millions of years ago. These toothy suckers reached up to 60 feet.

So back to “The Meg.” The trailer just dropped and we are legitimately afraid to see this movie, which stars action hottie Jason Statham and follows a bunch of oceanographers attempting to wipe out this behemoth.

If you are an avid beach fan, you probably should stay away.

It opens Aug. 10. So make your vacation plans far, far away from Miami Beach.