This popular ’90s kids’ show is coming to Miami in January before it reboots on Netflix

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Why, in Miami. Netflix

Created in part because Americans were proven to have really abysmal senses of geography and based on a computer game, the children’s hit game show “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego” ran from 1991-1995.  Carmen Sandiego was an animated character in a red fedora and was a master criminal. The ultimate goal of the game was to capture Carmen.

So why should anyone care? The show is returning to Netflix as a reboot on Jan. 18.

And on Jan. 8, “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez, the voice of Carmen 2.0, will host a live-action game show event at the Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall celebrating the relaunch for 1,700 Miami-Dade County public school kids.

We’re pretty sure this will erase the back-to-school blues following the holiday vacation. 

The show also features the voice of “Stranger Things'” Finn Wolfhard. Netflix is banking on the animated version being such a smash, they tapped Rodriguez to star in the live action version. 

As for the Miami version, it’s only open to the Miami Dade public school kids, but  it will be live streamed locally and to select schools nationwide.