This Latin music star said it wasn’t his baby. The DNA evidence proved otherwise.

2015 BILLBOARD LATIN MUSIC AWARDS -- Rehearsal -- Pictured: Alexander Delgado of Gente de Zona rehearses for the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards, from Miami, Florida at the BankUnited Center, University of Miami on April 28, 2015 -- (Photo by: John Parra/Telemundo) PREMIOS BILLBOARD DE LA MÚSICA LATINA 2015 -- Ensayo -- Imagen: Alexander Delgado of Gente de Zona ensayando para los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina 2015 desde Miami, Florida en el BankUnited Center de la Universidad de Miami en 28 de abril del 2015 -- (Foto por: John Parra/Telemundo)El Nuevo Herald file

Alexander Delgado is a dad!

The Gente de Zona star revealed to his followers on Tuesday that he had  a daughter.

Her name is Sofia and she’s 1.

Who’s mom? Canadian model María Vargas.

On Facebook,  Vargas expressed how happy she was about the new situation, helped along by the courts.

“Thank God my Sofia has a father,” she wrote on her Facebook page alongside a picture of the two. “I’m very grateful and very happy. 😍😍😍 Many people doubted me, many made fun of me, but I really wanted her to know who her father is.”

Back in December, Vargas told El Nuevo Herald that the singer had not recognized his paternity and was not paying child support. So she sued him, naturally. DNA proved the Cuban crooner was indeed the child’s father.

He wasn’t before, but the reggaeton standout and multi-award winner is stepping up as a daddy now.

“I just got the news that Sofia is my biological child. It gives me great pleasure to have another girl and I’m sure I’ll love her as much as I love my other kids. Being a dad is the best blessing in life,” Delgado wrote in Spanish on Instagram.

In January 2017, Delgado separated from  his wife, Lily Alemán. They share custody of a son, Alexander Jr. The model was asked by TV y Novelas if infidelity was to blame. She answered, “On my part, no.”