There are only eight countries left in the World Cup. We found the hottest guy on each team.


Then there were eight.

Only eight teams are left in the FIFA World Cup and we’re really getting excited now.

France, Croatia, England, Uruguay, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Russia and will battle it  out in the quarterfinals, making for a good holiday weekend of game watching.

We’ll be watching, for sure, and promise to focus on the goals and not the players’ physical attributes. But we at have to admit these athletes aren’t exactly hurting in the looks department.  We found the hottest 10 soccer stars when this whole thing started up last month, but now that we’re down to the wire, our list has changed.

Here’s the pick of the litter.


Martin Cáceres, defender: That man bun, those strong cheekbones, the slicked back hair. You had us at Hola.


Axel Witsel, right winger: When all this soccer stuff is over, this fine gentleman may want to star as a young Lenny Kravitz in an upcoming biopic.


Alisson Becker, goalkeeper: If he doesn’t remind you of a Hemsworth brother, you may want to get your prescription strengthened. So what if he has a woman’s name? We can live with that.


Sebastian Larsson, midfielder: If Leonardo DiCaprio mixed his DNA with a blond female, we’re pretty sure this guy would be the result. Who’s up to see the Titanic sequel?


Ruben Loftus-Cheek, midfielder: Oh, dear. We know a few choice words to describe this bloke, but we’re not sure the Queen would approve.

Three Words: Ruben Loftus-Cheek 😍

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Vedran Ćorluka, centerback: He’s boyishly handsome with an adorably floppy, ’80s haircut. What’s not to love? Oh, he also has a cute dog.


Oliver Giroud, forward: Normally, we’re not big tattoo fans, but we really cannot complain in this instance. Two words: Mon dieu.


Igor Smolnikov, defender: He’s not the most smiley guy on the field, but if he’s out there, you know this man’s man has got your back.