The five stages of realizing Dwyane Wade is coming back to the Miami Heat

Get used to seeing DWade in a Heat jersey again, Miami. It's a beautiful sight.Getty Images

How did you feel when you heard Dwyane Wade was coming back to the Heat, Miami?

Yeah. Us too. And we are so happy we don’t have to see him in a Cavs uniform again.

Here’s how we found out:

The Heat will send a second round draft pick to Cleveland in return, but let’s not worry about that just yet. Let’s take a deep breath and work through the many conflicting emotional stages we are passing through right this moment.


We shouldn’t be surprised; DWade has said he wanted to retire with the Heat. And we knew all hell was breaking loose with the Cavs (HA). And yet still, we’re a little surprised. In a good way. Now he can retire in a Heat uni.


Good thing we didn’t throw away all those #3 T-shirts we collected over the years. Although now we totally have an excuse to buy one of those funky fresh Miami Vice-inspired jerseys with his number on it.


Then a brief period of reflection ensues. Wait, is this what the Heat needs? Will Wade get the Heat out of its slump? Will his arrival cause issues at the guard position? Don’t worry. This is an extremely momentary pause. It swiftly passes to make way for…


Admit it. You’re wondering: “How can we get LeBron, too?” We can’t. But wouldn’t it be nice?

Joy. Finally.

Gabrielle Union (that’s Mrs. Wade to you) said it best: