Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay may end up in Miami

Goodbye, Dallas? Hello, Miami?

Rachel Lindsay could be trading in cowboy hats for beach towels sometime soon.

The Bachelorette has said she is engaged, and things went pretty well while she was on the hometown date with hunky chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, who has an office out of Kendall. 

They had a great, colorful date in Calle Ocho, in landmark spots like Maximo Gomez Park, where they played dominoes; and Ball & Chain, where they danced.

Soooo is it him?

We’re not sure, and if we were, we wouldn’t spoil the fun (the finale airs Monday on ABC). 

If they end up together (despite his overprotective mama), it doesn’t seem like Abasolo wants to pull up stakes any time soon.

“Miami represents everything. It’s where I’m from, where I was raised,’’ said Abasolo. “The city’s in my blood.”