Brickell City Centre wants you to hang out at their Apple store — for fun

In this Oct. 19, 2009 file photo, the Apple logo is seen on an Apple store in San Francisco. Russel A. Daniels/AP
By now we all know the lay of the land when it comes to the Apple Store: The grey walls, the crisp angles of those pale wooden tables, the team members in blue shirts milling around, the super smart people in the back that fix your life with a few keystrokes. 
The Apple store as we know it is getting a system upgrade, which began with the opening of the Union Square store in San Francisco last May. The changes are now spreading to Miami with the Magic City’s fifth Apple Store, opening this month in buzzed-about shopping venue, Brickell City Centre.    
The most exciting addition to the Apple Store concept, says Senior Market Director for Apple Retail, Enrique Atienza, is the new team of “Creative Pros.” This group of experts from diverse fields will help Apple customers understand the best ways to use the products to help them “become the best version of themselves.” 
The Creative Pros will populate The Avenue, a corridor inspired by the Main Streets of yesteryear that displays the creative applications of the brand’s hardware and software in “storefronts.” The team of over 100  come from diverse backgrounds and interests, and will act as guides into the products. Says Atienza, “We have photographers, bakers, comedians, we even have a fire dancer. [The diversity] just reflects how important for us it is to reflect the community.”   
Apple Brickell City Centre will also have the first Boardroom in the Miami. This is a spot reserved for entrepreneurs, developers and business customers to get hands-on advice and training which could potentially become a hub for downtown’s burgeoning financial sector. 
Another exciting feature is The Forum, a gathering space anchored by a video wall that will host educational events for kids and teachers, sessions for tech creatives, game nights and other programming, premieres and workshops with visiting tech experts, artists and musicians.
The goal is to transform the Apple store from a place to purchase and repair products into a hub for networking, incubating ideas and learning new and fresh ways to utilize the products, says Atienza. 
“We want people to feel that you can come to the Apple store in Brickell to learn and hopefully unleash creativity.”
Opening day is set for 10 a.m. March 25. The store is located on the second floor of the West Block building near Saks Fifth Avenue. Brickell City Centre is located at 701 S. Miami Ave.,  Miami. Info at or 786-843-4350.