Telemundo’s morning show ‘El Nuevo Dia’ loses yet another veteran host

Ana Maria CansecoGetty

It’s bye for now.



Yes, folks, Ana Maria Canseco made a big announcement Monday. She will be leaving her Telemundo show “Un Nuevo Dia (A New Day).

“I am announcing that my cycle with “Un Nuevo Dia” is ending,” said Canseco. “Some relationships are over but that doesn’t mean my attachment ends. A new chapter is beginning and I am proud to end this cycle with my head held high.”

Mi familia de @unnuevodia !

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The Mexican TV personality gave personal shoutouts to her colleagues, starting with Rashel Díaz, who said that she was the first person to support her in the program when it began five years ago. Adamari Lopez thanked her for giving her the opportunity to give “the miracle of life” during the pregnancy and and birth of her daughter Alaia.

So why is Canseco leaving the gig after five years? El Diario NY reports her contract was not renewed. The outlet adds that the show is having trouble competing with Univision rival “Despierta America” and needs to change things up. Another recent change on UND: Daniel Sarcos left to do a few new projects.

On Instagram, the former “Despierta America” star talks to the camera, telling her followers that she was sad to depart and was sorry she could not let them know sooner.

“I couldn’t say anything at all until I knew for sure. I didn’t have permission to share my news. I am excited for my journey. Thank you for your support.”