Telemundo star Jacky Bracamontes just gave birth to twin girls. Again.

El Nuevo Herald file

The giant bump is gone!

Jacqueline Bracamontes is a mom of twins. Again.

The Telemundo personality gave birth to two girls  on Thursday morning at a Miami hospital. It was said to be a high risk pregnancy, but she apparently came through fine.

The former beauty queen and her husband, racecar driver Martín Fuentes already have twin daughters at home as well as another daughter. So the couple will really be seeing double for the foreseeable future.

The odds of having one set of identical and one set of fraternal twins is 1 in 10,000.  If a woman has one set of identicals, her chance of having another is 1 in 70,000 or less.

Bracamontes definitely looked ready to pop; in her last Instagram post on Wednesday, she cradled her belly in a form fitting black dress, thanking fans for their support and being by her side.

“I’m very nervous and excited,” wrote the TV star. “I love you.”

On “Un Nuevo Dia’s” Insta, the announcement said that the babies are named Paula, who weighed 5.7 pounds, and Emilia, who weighed 6.3 pounds. “All three are very healthy.”