Talking to star of locally shot cop drama The Glades

Carlos Gomez was as shocked as anyone else to hear about the flesh-eating tragedy on the MacArthur Causeway over Memorial Day weekend. But that doesn’t mean we may not see a similar episode pop up on cop drama The Glades (the A&E series’ third season starts at 9 p.m. Sunday). “I was like, what?! It’s the oddest thing — and right in the middle of the day. Lunchtime, no less,’’ say Gomez, who plays the coroner in the nonexistent Florida town of Palm Glade.

“But it sounds like something we do on the show: odd things that happen in Florida and twist them around.’’ Fans might remember a show last year filmed in “Gibtown,’’ a retirement community for circus people that was actually modeled after the real Gibsonton, Fl. “I found it fascinating that there was this place where they all lived together at the end of their lives,’’ says Gomez, 50. One upcoming Glades show that doesn’t mirror life revolves around a mermaid, our insider reports. “It’s a murder case, not like The Little Mermaid so little kids would cry,’’ he says. Though the show’s star, Det. Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore), sees his share of the action, Gomez gets down to the nitty gritty with the corpses.

FYI: Sometimes they’re actors, sometimes dummies. Gomez prefers working with the latter. “People who think it’s so easy to play a dead guy, it’s really not all that simple. You have to stay in one position for 12 hours. The blood is sticky, this Chinese cherry sauce, and when there’s a close-up, you can’t breathe.’’