Watch a bunch of men fighting at Calle Ocho. Because alcohol.

A bunch of grown men fighting at Calle Ocho. Daymi Fernández Facebook

Miami’s lively Calle Ocho street party that takes place in the heart of the city, ended Sunday in a melee that was recorded on video and has been circulating on social networks. While a few feet away people were enjoying themselves dancing to different rhythms and eating delicious snacks, a dozen men were going at it with their fists, while some – including a woman – tried to separate them.    

A group of men ruin Calle Ocho by fighting over nonsense. Because alcohol. Credits: Daymi Fernández Facebook

The fight began with a handful of men on a sidewalk, but less than a minute later the fight splintered into several small groups that fought in the middle of the street that was closed to vehicle traffic because of Calle Ocho.  

It is not known what motivated arguments but Daymi Fernandez, the user who shared the video on Facebook, suggests that it was a consequence of alcohol. In the video, you can see some men who seem to have difficulty standing and are constantly slipping. However, it is not clear whether it was alcohol or just that the ground was wet by the afternoon rain.

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The winner of Calle Ocho’s first croqueta-eating contest Sunday scarfed down just under 20 of the fried ham rolls per minute. Carmen Cincotti of New Jersey ate an impressive 158 croquetas in eight minutes, beating out the second-place finisher with 144 croquetas. Matias Ocner For the Miami Herald.

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