Stitches, rapper with stupid tattoos, avoids jail time after doing stupid things

We never want to see Stitches in a mugshot again.

Oh, Stitches.

You lucky, lucky… rapper.

Your misfortune all began when someone snitched on you in 2017 for taking the handicap spot in a Miami Beach Whole Foods parking lot. You handed over your joint to police, then got hit with several serious charges. And we had the pleasure of dissecting your face tattoos while pondering why you’d act so foolishly.

READ: Stitches, rapper with stupid tattoos, does stupid things

We even had something like a change of heart (not really) when you filled an empty space on your cheek with a tattoo of your tot.

But you’ve had your day in court and here we are, talking about how you avoided jail time after officers found you with a Glock, 46 bullets and an Oxycodone pill in your pocket. So good for you.

The next step for the 22-year-old South Florida rapper, whose real name is Phillip Katsabanis? Cleaning up his act in an intervention program plus 25 hours of community service and a firearm safety class, according to TMZ.

We hope we never have to see his stupid tattoos in a mugshot again.

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