In honor of 4/20 we bring you … Snoop Dogg

We always love when Snoop Dogg comes to town.

The rapper is always welcome because he is just so much fun.

OK, so it’s not the cleanest type of fun, but hey…

In honor of 4/20-  the holiday also known as “Weed Day” — we bring you the news that the lover of all things marijuana related is coming back down to Miami (he was just here for the South Beach Wine and Food Fest with buddy and VH1 costar Martha Stewart).

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The “Gin and Juice” singer tweeted that he’ll appear at ORA May 3. That’s a Wednesday night so can we call the party Weed Wednesday?

Sorry, bad joke. 

Seriously, though, Snoop was active on Thursday tweeting his love of #maryjane with the simple caption: “4 mutha—-in 20.”

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