Siesta Key star says shark dragging video is ruining his life

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It’s not easy being Alex Kompothecras these days.

The Siesta Key star gave an interview to People magazine saying that he’s been under constant attack since the shark dragging video went viral.

Though Alex was not on the boat, he does know the people involved, including John Wenzel, the owner.

Alex says he was about to board a flight at the Key West airport late last month when someone sent him the disturbing video. “I was like, are you kidding me? I was absolutely horrified.”

That’s when life changed — he started receiving major hate on social media, and even death threats, and the show’s premiere was canceled. He also said he couldn’t leave his house for three days and his mother is traumatized. 

Other Siesta Key castmates are also being targeted:  “I’ve been getting DMs from people telling me they hope all of us commit suicide,” said costar Brandon Gomes. “I’ve known Alex for almost half my life and it’s totally unfair that he’s being slammed for something he had nothing to do with.”

Apparently, Wenzel has reached out to Alex, but they have yet to speak. 

“Michael has been calling me but I haven’t responded to him because I’m personally offended. We’re friends but I’m so disappointed in him,” says Kompothecras, who is not entirely guilt free.

Pictures have emerged of the young man toying with animals, posing with wildlife he has killed while hunting and pouring a beer down a fish’s throat.

“There are images of me harming some animals and I feel horrible,” says Kompothecras. “I am embarrassed and it won’t happen again.”

For those offended, a petition at demands jail time and community service for those involved. On Thursday, it  had more than 173,000 signatures.