Serena Williams’ baby daughter was the smallest guest at her wedding

Too cute for words (but we’ll try).

Serena Williams had a ton of celebrities at her New Orleans French ball themed wedding to Alexis Ohanian. The smallest guest? The couple’s daughter, 2 month old Alexis Jr.

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The little lady was dressed up like grandma, Oracene Price, who snuggled the girl on her lap during the ceremony. Does this kid seem well behaved or what?

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Still, Serena decided against using her own child in a Gatorade ad that’s all about female empowerment, “Sisters in Sweat.”

In the commercial, the tennis star cradles a newborn who many may assume is Alexis, but it’s a mini body double,  reported Ad Age.  Apparently the real mccoy was ill.

“While Serena intended to have Olympia make her screen debut as part of this film, her daughter was under the weather and unable to be on set, but the sentiment remains the same,” a Gatorade spokeswoman told the magazine via email.

In the spot, the newlywed talks to the daughter, saying: “Baby girl, I won’t mind if you play tennis badly. I won’t mind if you choose to never pick up a racket. But I beg you, in this game of life, please keep playing no matter what,” she says. “Sports will teach you to be strong.”