Romeo Santos is celebrating his birthday, and he’s got a gift for us: his new album

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According to GQ, Romeo Santos is the hottest Latin music star in the world right now. Known as the “King of Bachata” and the Jay-Z of Latin music, Santos is releasing his third solo studio album, “Golden,” on July 21, featuring guest appearances from Swizz Beatz, Julio Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Juan Luis Guerra and others. 

Santos has seven No. 1 songs on the Hot Latin Songs chart and nine No. 1 songs on the Tropical Songs chart. The Bronx native and former lead singer of superstar bachata group Aventura wears many hats including one as CEO of Roc Nation Latin, a full-service entertainment division of Jay Z’s Roc Nation, focused on developing and cultivating Latin talent. Santos is also a collab king, having worked with  Drake, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Marc Anthony. He also acts, making his big screen debut in ‘Furious 7.’

We talked to Santos about his work and what he likes about Miami. 

What are you doing in Miami this weekend? 

I’m in town to promote my new album. . . . The album release also falls on my birthday! But I did a Facebook Live and a few other promo opportunities in Miami and am having a great time.

What are your favorite things to do in Miami?

Aside from visiting places like Versailles, Zuma and Tatore, not too much. I mainly like to be on a yacht, enjoy the ocean and the weather.

What is your best Miami memory?

I have many childhood memories in Miami. In fact, I quite often visited my aunt here. However, once I became popular in the music industry, I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have received several awards in Miami, which have been memorable experiences.

What or who were your biggest influences on this latest album?  

My influences come from being exposed to different types of music. Ironically, some of my influences are the actual artists being featured on this album, including Julio Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra.

What was it like to collaborate with Julio Iglesias?

Honestly, it was an honor and a dream come true. I got to learn several things from him – he’s a living legend and a smart businessman. He also has an incredible sense of humor!

Who is your dream collaboration? 

I have just a few dream collaborations left, especially since I’ve been fortunate to have accomplish most of them. However, I’d rather not mention the names right now. At some point, God willing, those collaborations will come to fruition, and we can surprise the world.

As the head of Roc Nation Latin, what advice do you give to young talent who dream of recording the next “Despacito”? What about older talent? Is there an age limit to talent in your biz?

First of all, I wouldn’t call out “Despacito,” especially since no one should chase the success of other records. I would advise young talented artists to be original and focus on your own music without comparing or chasing the accomplishments of others. The path can be quite frustrating, but my main advice is have discipline, dedication, perseverance and originality. I think this is achievable for talented musicians of all ages, so I don’t believe in an age limit.

The Rock is allegedly running for president in 2020. Would you consider being his Vice President? 

Absolutely not! I want nothing to do with politics, but best of luck to him.