Refrain From Ever Becoming A Plastic Surgery Nightmare with Dr. Nassif's Beauty Tips

Bad boob jobs. Duck lips. Jacked-up nose jobs. Way-too-big butt implants. Frozen, emotionless foreheads. Yep, in Miami, we’ve seen it all when it comes to bad plastic surgery. Even those omnipresent Kardashians aren’t safe from a botched job…

Samesies for Heidi Montag who for some time could not even move her face…

The fix-it man for Beverly Hills babes with a penchant for going under the knife? Dr. Paul Nassif. Best known for his stint on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (he’s Adrienne Maloof’s ex), Nassif is currently a reality star in his own right with the E! plastic surgery makeover show Botched. On said show, let’s just say Nassif deals with some gnarly stuff…

And now Nassif is starring in show’s spinoff, Botched by Nature, in which he and partner Terry Dubrow travel across the country helping those who were born with facial deformities. “This has to be one of the best most rewarding experiences of my life,” said Nassif. “Doing this show and helping people who had given up was incredible.” 

The good doc also has his own anti-aging beauty collection available on, NASSIF MD Bio-Clock Dermaceuticals line. He gave us South Floridians some tips on how to get gorgeous without the help of a scalpel.

Cleanse: “This is especially important in summer,” Nassif says. “Hot and humid weather leads to sweat, which takes a longer time to evaporate, and combining that with harsh cleansers isn’t exactly a party for your skin. Try a gentle cleanser but something tough enough to remove pore-clogging debris.”

Exfoliate: “Not only will doing that help you maintain your glow — when your dead skin cells flake off, the old tan will come off with it — but gentle facial exfoliation will help create a better canvas for makeup application,” says the L.A. native.

Hydrate: “A solid moisturizing routine can do so many beneficial things for your complexion,” advises Nassif. “Dry skin is unhappy, damage-prone skin, so apply a product to protect it from summertime drying agents like sunburns, salt and chlorine.”

Protect: “Your skin is a barrier that protects you from environmental aggressors like pollution, bacteria and moisture loss. SPF is a must as are products with antioxidants.”