Pro angler weighs in on controversial shark dragging video

Are you ready for some fish?

On Saturday, pro angler Luana Pigatto will be in Pompano Beach for the Extreme Kayak Summer Slam Texas 2, and she is um, game.

Pigatto is known for her skills at sea and her amazing shots on her Instagram page .

We spoke to her before the big day (and also had to ask about the now infamous shark dragging video):

What are your top fishing tips?
My biggest fishing tip is to be open minded! In my opinion, to be a great angler you must try it all. Usually people choose one fish, one method, saltwater, freshwater and they are so focused on their world that they forget they can bring new techniques developed for other fisheries and increase their catches. One of the best tools to use when trying new things is Fishbrain. It’s a free app for anglers that helps you find the best spots in any location, advises on the best baits to use in certain conditions, and can even look at a photo of your catch to determine the species. Much of Fishbrain’s data is crowdsourced from other anglers, so you’ll be getting the help of experts in new waters even if you’re fishing solo. 
One of the best tips though, no matter the situation is to try and think like a fish! 
How did you get interested in fishing?
I started fishing with my aunt when I was 6 years old, and I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. Fast forward to when I was 25 years old. I was in the hospital for a minor surgery, and I flatlined. When I woke up, I had a conviction. All the days ahead had to count. And I decided that fishing was my ticket to happiness! 
What was your biggest catch?
My husband! He is a fisherman too, and together we live and breathe fishing. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, it’s all we do – and I’m so glad that we can enjoy our passion for fishing together.
But for an actual catch? In reality, I don’t weight fish. In my opinion, a big catch is not measured by the size of the fish but how hard was to catch that fish. I’ve caught some big fish in my life, but the last one — the one I caught today — is the fish that’s on my mind now.
What was your most exciting fishing experience?
There was one day I was going up a river in the Amazon. It was my first time there — a big dream for me! They took me to this fishing spot where no one had been in the past twenty years. I was going to film my first TV show. At one point I found myself laughing: I was there, in the middle of the Amazon, getting paid for it and do the thing I loved the most — and most importantly knowing that all of this would be recorded and saved forever.
Why did you decided to make your home South Florida?
A long time ago I remember reading about fishing in South Florida. One of the places on my bucket list. Destiny brought me here, and it was love at first sight – Florida is a fishing heaven! There are so many species to catch, the nature is so preserved, and the fishing community is so big. 
What do you think of the controversy involving the shark dragging video?
It was a very sad moment, but it was also an eye opener. Unfortunately it is known that a lot of sharks are killed everyday, but that single video represents how cruel a human being can be. It is a crime against nature and against life. We have to condemn that type of action.


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