Pitbull just filmed a music video at this iconic MiMo hotel. But he isn’t the only one

Pitbull Pitbulls in his new video, shot at The Vagabond MotelVagabond

Location scouts wasted no time in scouting the recently reopened MiMo hot spot Vagabond Motel as the backdrop for some brand new music videos.

Pitbull was seen there last week, shooting in and around the Oasis Pool surrounded by a requisite bevy of bathing beauties.

A few days later, shooting his own video was Ludacris, shirtless under a tuxedo jacket and posing alongside a sick selection of sleek wheels.

The Vagabond stars in two music videosVagabond

The Vagabond will be a swell place during Art Basel, with a slew of DJs at the pool, private fancy dinners at Vagabond Sushi and assorted takeovers at the bar, Brigitte.