Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa spreads the love

Tax day is turning out to be not so bad after all. Isaiah Mustafa, aka the Old Spice Guy, will be stopping at Coral Gables Senior High at 11 a.m. Tuesday for an assembly that will conclude with the former NFL wide receiver giving the school $2,500 for an Old Spice-sponsored score board. Later that day , from 1:30-2:30 p.m., Old Spice will host a “pop-up pep rally” at the University of Miami, featuring giveaways and “selfie photo ops” with the sexy man himself. The UM event, as part of the men’s grooming brand’s Smellcome to Manhood campaign (yes, really), is free and will be held in front of the Richter Library, 1300 Memorial Dr., Coral Gables. We talked to the big guy:

Why are you in Miami?

I’m touring across the country with Old Spice to teach young guys how to scent responsibly and end the overspray epidemic once and for all. And my first stops are actually right here in Miami.

You’re in great shape. Can he give us some workout tips?

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to stay in shape. For me, it’s all about the fundamentals. It’s amazing the results you can get from doing 100 push-ups. The key is to keep them up. Fitness is very important to me and so I work out every day. Even when I’m traveling or on location for a movie shoot.

What do you eat on a “cheat day?”

I just can’t say no to Crème Brulee.

What are your favorite places to go when in Miami?

BB&T Center. Wherever I can catch a good hockey game. I also always try to make it to the beach for some paddleboarding.

Advice for guys for looking sharp and smelling good in a flash?

Be quick, but don’t rush. Stay focused, and just breathe through it. You always smell good.

What’s next?

I just wrapped an episode of “Anger Management.” Charlie Sheen was such a cool guy.