Nicki Minaj attempts to break the Internet with a raunchy AF photo shoot


We’re not sure she broke the Internet, but Nicki Minaj definitely raised some eyebrows — and grabbed some headlines the other day.

She posed on the cover of Paper, just as Kim Kardashian did back in 2014, when the reality star attempted to “break the Internet” with the same publication.

The raunchy cover shows the rapper in three different ways, as if she is cloned. The headline (um, cute) is “Minaj a trois.” We get it.

One Nicki is wearing a long wig straddling a chair looking a bit on the wild side, with nipple pasties, “Pretty Woman” style boots and shortie shorts. A blond Nicki in a sexy pink dress grabs this Nicki by the boob; the third Nicki (also blond) poses between the nipple pastie one’s legs. Got the picture?

Translation: NSFW.

But is Nicki ever safe for work?