Most people in Miami get plastic surgery to make their boobs bigger. Not this reality star.


You’re going to be seeing less of Kim Zolciak in the future.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has undergone breast reduction surgery, she announced on social media.

Her plastic surgeon? None other than Dr. Leonard Hochstein, who used to occasionally appear alongside his wife Lisa Hochstein in the now defunct “Real Housewives of Miami.”

“I went smaller and Dr. Hochstein did them,” Zolciak told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “He did my boobs four years ago and I loved them. I just wanted a cup size smaller. I’m in Miami recovering now. Feeling fab at 40!!”

Hochstein enhanced Zolciak’s breasts four years and the reality star “loved them,” back then, added the Southern belle.

A social media post shows the mother of six lying in a bed with bandages on her chest, with the caption: “Part of the itty bitty t—y committee,” and she mentioned Dr. Hochstein, who runs a medspa at 585 NW 161st Street.

Watch the procedure go down on a future “House of Kim” podcast.