Mikey the Monkey is missing. Is he the monkey spotted by King of Diamonds?

No, this isn't Mikey. But this guys looks like Mikey. Please, help us find MikeyTaylor Jones Palm Beach Post

The monkey mystery deepened Tuesday afternoon, as North Miami Beach cops combing the neighborhood for the small primate weren’t able to confirm if it was the same animal that escaped from a Dania Beach primate lab a few days ago.

That missing monkey’s name is Mikey.

North Miami Beach police, working with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, are in search of a small as-yet-unnamed monkey that was first spotted early Tuesday morning outside of the popular strip joint, the King of Diamonds.

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Someone spotted a monkey as they were leaving that establishment and notified police.

“The last time I heard we still hadn’t found him,” said Nicole Gomez, chief of staff to the mayor and city commission in North Miami Beach. “We don’t know if it’s the same monkey spotted near the Embassy Lakes community in Cooper City.”

That’s the home of the Dania Beach Vervet Project, a primate lab that studies the animals.

The monkey in North Miami Beach was last seen near Northeast Sixth Avenue and between 179th and 180th Streets. North Miami Beach City Manager Ana Garcia said it was headed toward Miami Gardens.

North Miami Beach police said on Twitter that they’ve received information indicating the monkey may have come from an industrial area just west of I-95.

Calls to the King of Diamonds about the monkey were not returned by early Tuesday afternoon.

Garcia, the city manager, said it looks like the monkey has had a long night.

“The monkey is still on the loose,” she said.