Migos filmed a video in Miami at Madonna’s house. She found out on Instagram.

Migos hanging out in a Coconut Grove mansion for the filming of 'Narcos.' Turns out the mansion used to be Madonna's house. Screenshot

Migos released their most recent video “Narcos” two days ago. Turns out they filmed it in a luxurious house in Miami. Here they are posing in front of the Mediterranean style manse during the production.

N A R C O S Visual Out Now @vevo

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Quavo posted the photo two days ago to coincide and it caught the eye of one particular former Miamian. Turns out Madonna was scrolling through her insta feed and saw her old digs and had to bring it to Quavo’s attention.

From her verified account, Madonna wrote “That’s my house in Miami! What are you doing there??”

Was your house, Madge. The mansion, located at 3029 Brickell Avenue near Vizcaya was the Material Girl’s Miami outpost in the ’90s until she unloaded it in 2000.

And to answer her question, Quavo was doing what Quavo always does: “Trappin'”


Check out the whole video here.