Michelle Obama had a girls’ night out in Miami. She hit one of the hottest spots, obvio.

Michelle Obama and Chef Angel Leon at SeaspiceSeaspice

We had political royalty in Miami Tuesday night.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama  had a ladies night out at Seaspice.

Executive chef Angel Leon was tasked with preparing a curated six course menu featuring the highlights of the riverside restaurant’s special menu.

Other guests at the meal included Debra Lee, CEO of BET Networks; former presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett; and Tracy Mourning. Earlier they had been attending the Leading Women Defined conference in Miami Beach.

Obama,  seated on a private outdoor terrace, dined on oysters, caviar stone crabs, 1855 prime ribeye. For dessert: tres leches. We ‘re sure the ex FLOTUS did a hardcore workout the next day.

Spies tell Miami.com that Obama was overheard telling owners Carlos and Maryam Miranda that their daughters“have to be strong and have their work cut out for them as young ladies.”

At the conference, Obama was asked what was required of her heavy duty position that lasted eight years while her husband Barack Obama was in office. “I had to learn how to deliver a message.”

We will certainly learn more about her experiences when her memoir “Becoming” is available in the fall.

She also shared some advice for anyone who ever wanted to step into Melania Trump’s shoes.

“Take some time to know what you care about and what you can do in the realm of the administration,” she told attendees. “You have to know what the goals of the administration are.”