Miami restaurant owner recalls awkward moment with Al Roker

Good one for Throwback Tuesday.

So Myles Chefetz experience a pretty awkward moment on the Today show, which was filming in Miami Beach a while back. He finally posted it to his Instagram account, much to the delight of his followers.

The Prime 112 owner was appearing for a cooking segment back in 2007 at the Loews Miami Beach, grilling up extra long kobe hotdogs with Al Roker. 

“They’re actually popular at bachelorette tables,” joked Chefetz of the entree. 

“Now how much does this thing weigh?” Roker asked regarding the dog.

“About a pound,” replied Chefetz.

Then Roker picked one up and put it up to his mouth and said, “OK you and me, Myles. Cmon! Cmon'” while attempting to share the sausage with the restaurateur who looked embarrassed and said, “I don’t know. That’s kind of weird. You said you needed your job.”

They finally did end up sharing a bite — on each end. 

“Thank you very much!” said Roker, his mouth full. “That’s gonna be on YouTube, you know that!”

“I can’t wait!” remarked Chefetz. 

Most commenters found the post pretty funny.