Miami is one of the hottest Instagram cities in the U.S. Can you guess why?

25 year-old Rebecca Sanchez of Hialeah gets pictures of the Wynwood Walls.

There aren’t too many cities in the United States more worth an Instagram post than Miami… and we’re not just saying that because we’re The numbers back us up.

Miami is the third most Instagrammed city in the country, according to a new study by Holidu, an international vacation rental search engine, that weighed the use of hashtags to produce a Top 10 list. It falls under only New York City (No. 1) and Los Angeles (No. 2), which have significantly larger populations.

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There were nearly 50,000 Instagram photos and videos using #Miami or related hashtags as of September, Holidu reports. Miami just barely got an edge over Las Vegas, which came in a close fourth place on the list.

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Check out the top 10 most Instagrammed cities below:

  1. New York City 148,693,770
  2. Los Angeles 69,471,084
  3. Miami 49,657,276
  4. Las Vegas 49,378,611
  5. Chicago 31,549,749
  6. Atlanta 25,690,367
  7. San Diego 16,022,252
  8. Boston 13,932,565
  9. Seattle 13,201,305
  10. Houston 11,391,223

California is the only state to have two of the country’s most Instagrammed cities: Los Angeles and San Diego (No. 7). The only other cities in the southern U.S. to make the list were Atlanta and Houston. Holidu credits the always busy Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for ATL’s high rank.

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So who does Miami have to thank? Here are a few guesses:

Instagram models

Miami has it’s fair share of women (and men) willing to show off their assets for some clicks. They’ll sell you Flat Tummy Tee and waist-shapers. But never catch them taking a selfie — it takes 250 shots and Photoshop to make it to their timelines.

Cosmetic surgery clinics

Dr. Miami might be the most famous, but he certainly isn’t the only surgeon posting to Instagram. These doctors are ready to give you a rounder butt, to trim your waist and to augment your rack — and more than willing to take your money, too. No need to wait either, there are financing options available.

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(AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

When you pull out your phone we already know you don’t really appreciate art. You just want a dope Instagram photo. It’s OK.

Perez Art Museum Miami


This museum was practically made for Instagram. Don’t agree? OK, lie to me and say you’ve never snapped a selfie in the swinging chairs, or made a Boomerang in the stringy blue art installation…

The beaches

This is obviously not up for debate.


Fitness models/trainers

They’ll show off their biceps, pecs and abs, but they’ll never admit they got work done.


It’s a Miami ritual to take a photo before pigging out. We replaced prayer with the #foodporn pic. Sorry, Jesus.

Luxury car enthusiasts

Luxury car owners found a new way to brag on Instagram. Of course, they’ll never give up revving their engines as loudly as possible down Biscayne.

Boat owners

Why are they on Instagram? ‘Cause b****es love yachts, that’s why.


Look, these barbers have to show off their skills, OK? A fresh cut doesn’t last forever.